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    Hello everybody!

    I had quite the quiet spotting year this year, with just a few trips to Schiphol, the UK and Leeuwarden. Becoming a dad for the second time was the ultimate highlight of course, but between all that, I selected these as my favorites of this year, in no particular order.

    Head on with the beast at Manchester

    Look at that massive wingspan!

    Definitely the best looking plane in Virgin colors:

    A nice military visitor at Luton was this RCAF Challenger:

    Schiphol has a great terrace, which is now pimped with a real Fokker 100:

    Never seen a more exciting display by a chopper than this one!

    An ultimate classic... Awacs!

    Cheers! :wave:


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      Well certainly not the best photos submitted here to JP as I have many more better ones not yet added but whatever I do have now is what i'll show:










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        I did a lot of shooting this year, but not so much uploading. Here are my top shots of 2011 on

        10 - Eastern Airlines DC-7, in town for filming Pan Am

        9 - That's my good friend Fred in the back seat, with whom I share so many excellent aviation photography experiences!

        8 - A pair of EA-18 Growlers dropped in for an overnight visit.

        7 - This EA-6B Prowler was retired with a final flight to Republic Airport. In time, she will join the F-14 Tomcat on display at the Grumman plant in Bethpage, NY.

        6 - More filming for Pan Am brought John Travolta's beautiful 707 into Republic Airport.

        5 - More than just a flight in a C-47, the American Airpower Museum's "D-Day Experience" flight helps you learn what American paratroopers faced on June 6, 1944.

        4 - I missed Fifi the last time she was on Long Island (about 7 years ago) so I made sure to take advantage of her visit this summer.

        3 - A-10 arriving at Republic Airport, once home to the plane's manufacturer.

        2 - UN Week, first time I've gotten a good shot of an Il-96

        1 - My favorite P-51, one of my favorite aircraft to shoot, I love shooting at night, and the owner/pilot is a friend, all combining to make this a top shot for me.
        KC-135: Passing gas and taking names!


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          I have quite a bit more that I really love that I haven't uploaded, but out of the ones I have uploaded, here are my top 10 from this year.

          Coming back home from a trip up to Oregon in February gave me an awesome view of the snow covered Rockies.
          Coming back again from Oregon in the summer, I had some time in KMSP. How times have changed...
          Again, on another trip back from Oregon. First off, my PDX-SEA was on the OSU Q400, and secondly, we came in at gate B2, which instead of the other Horizon gates, you have to climb a set of stairs outside which gave me this view. Also, the Oregon Q400 is in the background. Little bit of animosity at KSEA?
          I just really like this one because it just seems to pop every time.
          This was the first year I got to use my XSi at the Bluebonnet Airshow at home in Burnet, and I was pretty happy about it. You feel these old timers go by rather than hear them.
          Coming back through DFW again back in February, I was greeted with the British One World 747 waiting to head back.
          I bought my flight up to North Dakota (ACT-DFW-ORD-FAR) on May 18 just so I could catch Qantas, and I wasn't disappointed. I'm trying to find some better ones of the landing. Also, out of the three times I've seen Qantas in person, the last two I've had the pleasure of Wunala Dreaming the last two times I've gone through DFW.
          The international lineup on the south side of terminal D, soon to be even more colorful.
          So glad I caught this beauty.
          I had about 30 minutes scheduled in between flights in MSP, my flight from MOT was a couple minutes behind, ran from A13 to F13, got pulled out of the boarding line by TSA because I had just gotten there after running, and just made it on my flight to PDX. This view of Mt. Hood kind of made up for it.

          Still have quite a bit more that I need to get around to editing, but that's from my fairly limited selection that's on here so far.


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            1 - My favorite P-51, one of my favorite aircraft to shoot, I love shooting at night, and the owner/pilot is a friend, all combining to make this a top shot for me.
            That is a STUNNER!! I simply love night photography and that's one of my favourite vintage aircraft. GREAT!!
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              I don't know if I can say this was a good or a bad year, I actively started spotting in January, so I can't compare to previous years. Got a chance to travel a bit and see some airports. Unfortunately for me, a lot of activity started happening around PHX right after I left for Christmas break, but here's my top 10, in no particular order.

              7000th Airbus delivered, unfortunately, the sticker is on the other side. First shot of it on JP too.

              Not a regular visitor to PHX, but I happened to be nearby and a friend tipped me off about it.

              Somehow managed to catch this. This was my 2nd time going to see the Thunderbirds, but the first one with decent weather

              First time catching any kind of cool condensation effects

              First time flying on a single engine prop, that's my friend's plane.


              American doesn't fly the 757s to Phoenix, but this was a medical diversion, as it turned out, it wasn't an ordinary 757.

              Me and my friends drove all the way to DVT to see this, it was also my first chance to see a B-29 outside a museum.

              I really liked this shot, the light, the tower, the carrier

              New paintscheme for the 64th AS, the plane rolled out of the paint shop 4 days before
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              Felipe Garcia


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                I'm so late to this party it's embarrassing...

                First and foremost I would like to congratulate everybody for your amazing material.

                This is my LATE LATE 2011 top 10 in no particular order:

                The mighty '100' just gets better and better with age...

                Glorious early morning light for Condor's Arrival

                Great official visitor!

                My favorite angle of attack for the MD-GOD

                This radial beast is our pride and joy

                Storming dramatic entrance!

                Wingflex Baby!!!

                Sunset Romance...

                Not St. Marteen but close... :P

                The 'IGUANA' blasting out!!!

                LATE Cheers!!
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