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A Martin 404 and a romantic evening near Paris...

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  • A Martin 404 and a romantic evening near Paris...

    Paris, Texas, that is...

    We took our daughter to college orientation up near Dallas last week. While the kids stayed in the dorms, the parents had some time for romantic activities. So I took my wife to Paris. It was very romantic--soft lights, gel (red!), the moon and the stars. We even took pictures (click on the thumbnail to make it bigger--don't have a high res photo in this computer unfortunately):

    This is a Martin 404 that belonged to a guy by the name of Junior Burchinal. Junior used to have a bunch of warbirds at this field. Back in the 60' through the early 80's, you could go up there and get checked out in (and rent!) a T-6, P-51, B-25 and several others. He sounds like he was quite a character. Unfortunately he ran into money problems and had to sell the planes in the 80's.

    Here are some pictures of this same airplane in happier days:[email protected]/5017275621/
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