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  • Canon EOS-M

    So i know there is a lot of love for Canon Eos kit on these forums.

    The EOS-M system was recently announced by Canon and i'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts on it?

    Are they missing anything? Will you be adding one to your kit collection? Are Canon too late to the party what with Olympus/Fuji and Sony all having pretty complete systems already?

    Let's hear some opinion.

    Chris Sharps
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    I like the look of it, though won't be buying into the system until they also have a 35 f/2 (2.8 at slowest) pancake lens, and I have a job. Buying a 5D3 without a job emptied my bank account!

    But I'd love a pocket size camera, APS-C sized sensor with 35 and 50mm equivalents at f/2. It'd be awesome. I love my 5D3 to bits, but its just a bit to big at times!

    From playing around with the 40 f/2.8 STM though, the AF is no way near as quiet as USM, and I dunno if they (USM lenses) will AF in video mode. Can't wait till my local shop gets one so i can play around with it to see how it performs!
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    Sam Rudge
    A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash


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      I'm not adding one... yet.

      It sounds very good. The problem I see with most other compacts is that if you don't want to make a huge investment, you have to be a Sony or 4/3 user. I know the point of mirrorless is to step up from p&s, but if you want a backup camera, or a smaller body, then for the most part you're out of luck.

      Then Sony has made some great cameras recently, but almost nothing with regards to lenses.

      Micro 4/3 has a much smaller sensor, however, the Olympus OM-D looks really nice, I'm really tempted to rent one and play with it. And for a compact maybe the sensor isn't too small, and right now some of the older bodies are getting pretty cheap.

      Nikon, I wouldn't even consider one. The 2.7x multiplier means I need a 7mm lens to get the same as the wide end of my 12-24 on a Canon body (~19-3.

      Canon, well, all I would need is an adapter to use my glass. I wouldn't think about using my Sigma 80-400, but to have it as a small camera that's a lot more discreet, it's not too bad of an idea. I can use my optics and have a much smaller package. Presumably I can also take it to venues where they don't allow "Professional equipment", or where a 7D with a grip would draw too much attention.

      Last week I went to a local park to photograph 2 old locomotives they have on display, and I was afraid that the 7D was going to draw too much attention, so I removed the battery grip and the lens hood to look like every other teenager. I only got there to realize that it's such a popular spot for wedding shoots and my camera would have looked normal. But for situations like that, a mirrorless with a kit lens is probably all you need.

      I'm definitely interested in checking it out once it comes out, maybe not buy one soon, but it's staying as a possibility.

      Felipe Garcia