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  • Top 10 of 2012

    With 2012 coming to an end this is my top 10 of the past year.

    In the first month of 2012 I catched my first An-148

    And 2012 brought also my first 747-8 in front of my camera.

    Another first, this beautiful Tu-204-300

    A very rare sight was this Air Austral T7

    A classic 737-200 is a rare sight in 2012!

    Becoming rare are the Yak-42's. Very glad to catch this nice example.

    Inside an Antonov 12!

    Another almost extinct type is the Dc-8. Very nice to see this beauy on the GA ramp.

    Spottersday at Geilenkirchen with this wonderfull Fitter!

    And nr 1 for me in 2012 was this giant!

    Off course I have many many more shots on which I am very glad to have made them in 2012.
    The RIAT at Fairford was great as was the airshow at Florennes. The first visit of an 787 at EHAM was also nice and in the last weeks a beautiful An-74 of Cavok Air!

    Very difficult to choose the 10 best out of all these shots. Hope you liked them and feel free to post your top 10 of 2012!

    Best rgds,
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    Very nice Erwin.

    Tough one, I've not been on many spotting trips this year, but the ones I did go on, there were quite a few things I would consider special. In no particular order...


    First highlight of the year for me was the first time I saw the 787, which happened to be one of the Dreamliner liveried prototypes. Unfortunately the sun just went behind a cloud on takeoff which for me ruined an otherwise perfect shot.


    Another highlight was the first time seeing Virgin Atlantic's new livery, combined with some nice contrasty sun and rain clouds.


    A FRA trip during Feb provided several sunny days offering perfect light and some good photo opportunities.


    A first time seeing a IL-76, it just happened to be a reengined varient. A very nice bonus to a perfect ZRH trip in August


    Another from ZRH, first time seeing a Korean 777, coinciding with amazing sunset light. Thanks to Gianluca for taking us about ZRH that particular weekend.


    Yet another from ZRH, first light of the day on this Thai A340-600. My favourite time of day with my favourite aircraft type.


    A trip to AMS to see some MD-11's before they retire, the Polderbaan never fails to impress.


    A flock of swans and a Ryanair 737, arriving on a cold and crisp winter morning at DUB.


    The new raised spotting mound at DUB offers slightly better views of aircraft departing from RWY 28. My first trip to DUB in almost a year... It was a nice surprise to me after not hearing anything about it.


    Another one from DUB, the visit of Hillary Clinton meant a US C-32 was in town. One of the best looking 757's around?


    Catching Aer Lingus's retro during a golden Winter sunlight at DUB was one of the last highlights of the year for me.

    Looking forward to spotting in 2013!

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      Nice series Dave.

      I hope that you will catch a "real" IL-76 soon. The sound is something you will never forget!
      “The only time you have too much fuel is when you’re on fire.”



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        Very nice photos ErwinS and Mr Chips.

        BTW: Im quite new to the forum. Is this thread for different photographers to post their "Top 10" photos? If so, can I post mine?


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          Originally posted by hongmng View Post
          Very nice photos ErwinS and Mr Chips.

          BTW: Im quite new to the forum. Is this thread for different photographers to post their "Top 10" photos? If so, can I post mine?
          You sure can
          “The only time you have too much fuel is when you’re on fire.”



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            Very nice top 10's guys well done. I probably do one spottingtrip tomorrow but don't expect a top 10 shot haha.

            2012 was for me the year that i bought my Canon 300mm F4. I used this lense on many spottingtrips this year. As it has no zoom you have to look for other angles and possibilities and i think it worked out pretty well.

            10. On the 23rd of December i flew with LOT on their brand new 787 Dreamliner. I had a window seat on the wing and after a very cold night it got de-iced just before the departure. Never saw this from inside an aircraft.


            09. In December i also made a spottingtrip to London Heathrow. I said to myself you have to go once a year and in December i finally had the opportunity. On this trip i met "The Hobbit", a very nice colorscheme on the 777 which made it to nr.9 in this Top 10.


            08. On the trip to LHR i met the Malaysia A380 which in mine opinion is one of the best looking colorschemes on the A380.


            07. 2012 was also the year that Emirates started A380 service to Amsterdam. Here is one leaving AMS via runway 36L.


            06. On of the days i was very happy with my Canon 300mm F4.


            05. On of the spottinglocations i like the best. Also the Thai Airways colorscheme looks superb on the 777.


            04. And an evening where i specially drove to Weeze for only one TU-154.


            03. On of my spottingtrips was to Milan Malpensa. One of the early morning pictures i like very much.


            02. On my spottingtrip to Geneva i met this great 727 which also got my 4.000th picture in the database.


            01. Also for me nr1 is a AN-124, here leaving DUS via 23L. What an impressive machine it is.


            Happy new year to everyone !!

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              Very nice pics guys !! Congrats !!


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                For me it was a rather average year. The weather not being on my side and less time to go spotting meant I up-loaded fewer pics. In fact I currently screen over 100 pics for every pic I up-load.

                So my first highlights came during the holidays in Malaga

                Got both Air Finland liveries before they went out of business.

                10. [photoid=7356807]

                9. [photoid=7368137]

                Spring was kind to me in Düsseldorf with 3 more highlights

                8. [photoid=7371395]

                7. [photoid=7371910]

                6. [photoid=7376063]

                then it was time for airshows (well I did make it to 2 this year )

                5. [photoid=7385380]

                4. [photoid=7428515]

                3. [photoid=7447615]

                with the summer holidays rounding up the year

                2. [photoid=7513065]

                1. [photoid=7484576]

                So all in all a rather dull year, with nothing special.


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                  Im new to aviation photography(and Im 15), and only recently(about a few months ago)I've started to get images accepted on here(still remember that first email with the green "Accepted Photo...")

                  At that time, I'd never imaging I'd get 70+ photos within a few months...

                  10. [photoid=7498220]
                  Finally the panda came on a weekend.

                  9. [photoid=7492453]
                  Anyone understand the remark " Facing a lion and a tiger as she prepares for departure."?

                  8. [photoid=7491228]
                  Thai's Star Alliance plane

                  7. [photoid=7512300]
                  The kind crew let me in!(Thats very rare in China, since they don't usually open the cockpit door at all)As the crew strictly instructed, don't post this photo on blogging websites!

                  6. [photoid=7495882]
                  just thought it was nice...(with birds, too)

                  5. [photoid=7496655]
                  A hot photo, new special livery at that time. Unfortunatly, they forgot to add a banner

                  4 [photoid=7489160]
                  Beautiful sunset over the pacific

                  3. [photoid=7507372]
                  I love this one, thanks to the direction of sunset in winter...

                  2. [photoid=7447726]
                  This was my first accepted image on, it was an amazing moment watching the rainbow over the pacific below.

                  1. [photoid=7472273]
                  One day, I was reading news that a new "Similing China" livery has been delivered. The next day, I had to go to a medical checkup and went to Shanghai, the next day, I picked an noon flight back to Xiamen, and right after I walked through security, there before my eyes was the plane that was so hot on the news 2 days ago! At first, I couldn't believe it, but then I knew I was too lucky. I uploaded this as hot photo, 11 minutes later, it got accepted, a few hours later, it went to the top of the day photo...

                  Looks like Im having a nice start for my first successful planespotting year(just wishing not all planes were Boeings and Airbusses).


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                    Getting the Mosquito in NZ was well worth the trip and was the major highlight for the year.
                    Getting South African SXD in good light was the one good highlight for me for the year
                    I finally made it up to Longreach and snapped Qantas' first 707
                    It has been 10 years since I last worked on this plane and also my 4000th photo on the database.
                    I was pretty happy when this 707 came into Perth.
                    I was really happy when I went to Melbourne and rwy 34 was in use
                    A Very rare visitor to Australia and also Perth
                    I had been chasing this plane for a while and I was stoked I got it in great light and also the strobe going off
                    My mate who was the Captain on this flight right runway at the right time for the nice yellow and blurred props
                    I was pretty happy that I managed to get a shot like this. A shame it was not in better conditions though.


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                      A busy year for me, lots of photography, my second spotting trip and a few good shots!

                      #10 Met up with the friendly staff at COU and got a ramp tour

                      #9 Spent a lot of time in Montreal, met some great people. A friendly airport with great traffic and some excellent spotting locations! I just need to improve my French so I can understand the ATC.

                      #8 From the ATL during an evening layover. Got plenty of strange looks and comments from people as I tried to take 30 second exposure shots. "What are you taking a picture of? There is nothing there."

                      #7 Met up with the NYCA guys and had a great day with great light!

                      #6 I was in town for business and met some local spotters who said Air Force One was landing soon. A quick call to my local spotter with the typical arrival runway and I got this shot!

                      #5 During Christmas time UPS brings in the big jets to handle all the packages for the good girls and boys

                      #4 Met up with the NYCA guys and had a great day with great light!

                      #3 A six hour flight delay and massive thunder storm afforded me my first 787

                      #2 From a special winter spotting location.

                      #1 I had this shot in my mind ever since my first visit to LAX! After a few attempts I got it right!

                      Thanks to all the screeners for all their hard work all year!


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                        Fun thread. Some of these shots feel like they happened eons ago.

                        #10. Outcast 915. He flew right over me and enveloped me in his blizzard. Quite a way to start the year.

                        #9. Also on that day, a new airline.

                        #8. Iceberg season provided this...

                        #7. Unintentional panning in great golden light. Never anything wrong with catching your own air force either.

                        #6. MV-22 from the group that headed overseas to RIAT and Farnborough.

                        #5. Mechanical diversion.

                        #4. The non-airshow shot of the year. I've had this wide angle perspective at this spot in mind for years.

                        #3. Blue Angels in Prince Edward Island. Great trip.

                        #2. Thunderbirds in Daytona Beach.

                        #1. Snowbirds in Daytona Beach. Another great trip.


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                          I made a lot of trips in 2012 and its not really easy to nominate the best shots.

                          #10 Firts trip in 2012. Nothing special for the Heathrow spotters I guess but I like this special retro scheme!

                          #9 My first visit to Innsbruck...

                          #8 Scheduled aircraft was a 737 and I was more than happy to see an TU154!

                          #7 Will we ever see this livery again??

                          #6 Another picture from CGN, I don't know why but love it somehow.

                          #5 Another colorful bird. Luckily I was on the correct side

                          #4 This aircraft was painted just for the special one day SATA was flying to IST

                          #3 This catch was more than lucky. I was waiting at the gate for my flight to CPH when this beauty taxis along the window

                          #2 Full ramp at CGN

                          #1 I love the taste of rubber!