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Help please. Puerto Plata spotting.

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  • Help please. Puerto Plata spotting.

    I'm going to the Puerto Plata area of the Dominican Republic in a month or so for 3 weeks. In between the days of alcoholic haze can anyone advise on spotting locations for photography groundside ?
    There used to be an observation platform on the roof of the terminal but I think some construction work has blocked that. Google-Earth shows a couple of tracks through a housing area that leads to the end of runway 08 but they are close to a military residential area and I don't want to wind up on the wrong end of a gun !!
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    Was there more then 10 years ago. The viewing are was still open. And some shots were taken from there. I had never the idea to go shooting outside the terminal. Just didnt felt right to do safety wise.
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      Thanks Erwin,
      The building works were done less than 10 years ago. You used to get a good shot straight up the taxiway into and out of the ramp but that I think has been obscured now. There is a YouTube video shot from the 08 end of the runway where it seems to be fairly quiet.

      Maybe someone else can help ?
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