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  • Dust spots

    Hi there,

    Recently I have been having a huge problem with dust spots even though I have always brushed the end of the lens before starting and rarely change lenses. Today I had three quite big spots, plus several smaller ones, that effectively meant half my photos were unrecoverable. In Shanghai we do have quite a problem with pollution and dust, hence I only change lenses when absolutely necessary. Sometimes I also feel that the problem could be between the lens and the lens filter due to the humidity as the extent of the problem tends to come and go. If anyone has any advice I would be very grateful.

    The attached photo hopefully illustrates the problem.



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    The dust is on the sensor itself. You can clean the sensor yourself (do a google search to find plenty of good tutorials) or bring your camera to your Nikon service point.

    The dust spots on the photos can be "erased" with cloning tool or healing tool (which I prefer).
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      Thanks for that. I kind of knew that I was kidding myself that it was the lens. Looks like the sensor will need to be cleaned as the problem is only ever going to get worse. Has anyone ever tried doing this themselves? I have read online about it and knowing my skills with practical tasks I wouldn't hold on much hope. Time to look for someone to do it for me!


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        There are videos on CMOS sensor cleaning on YouTube and you can buy sensor swabs and Eclipse cleaning fluid on EBay.
        I'm one of the most ha foisted buggers in the world yet I manage to clean my own sensors. Just make sure that you follow the instructions to the letter.
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