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Hong Kong, Bangkok and Chiang Mai

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  • Hong Kong, Bangkok and Chiang Mai

    This month I will be travelling and will be visiting Hong Kong, Bangkok (BKK) and Chiang Mai airports. Does anyone have any advice as to where the best places might be to take photos?

    Any advice is gratefully received.

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    Chiang Mai

    There's a nice snooker bar called the runway club at the southwest of the runway which is good for afternoon runway shots. The owner lets you go on the roof for 50 baht. 18 45 40 N 98 57 38 E.

    However, does anyone know of a good place for morning shots when aircraft are landing from the south? It would be nice to be able to shoot aircraft on approach in the gentler morning sun.

    As always, any advice appreciated.



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      Hi, when will you be in Hong Kong?


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        Hi there, I was in HK last week and have moved onto Thailand now. In chiang mai until Tuesday and then onto Bangkok for a few days staying in the Phoenix hotel just north of the airport. Hoping to be back in HK soon. When I was there the planes were unfortunately landing from the west and so the skydeck wasn't much use. Would be nice to visit again when planes land from the east.