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    Hi all, just a quick question. I hope i don't come across as bitter here (trust me, I'm not), but I was just wondering how you choose which photos to share on the JetPhotos Facebook page. The reason I ask is because on Friday, of all the top viewed photos for that day, mine was the only one which was not shared on the Facebook page. As I said, I hope it doesn't look like I'm bitter that mine wasn't shared, I'm just genuinely curious as to how the decision is made as to which photos to share and not to share. Thanks, Robbie.

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    Hi Robbie,

    We choose the picture on what we think would attract the most interest by the viewers. We also do our best to post the rare stuff, the SCs and newsworthy pics.
    All in all we hope we show a good variety of what people can find on JP

    Some days there's a lot of interesting stuff to show, and some other days it's a bit harder to select anything