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    Entering FAOR into the upload page has, until today resulted in a default entry of Oliphants River Bridge. This has now been changed in the database listing to Oliphants River Bridge (unlicensed).
    FAOR is of course the ICAO code for Johannesburg O.R. Tambo Int'l. and entering FAOR will now default to that location.

    Apparently, according to some internet sources, the owner of Oliphants River Bridge arbitrarily chose the ICAO code of FAOR as it was at the time not being used. However, on 10th January 2013 Johannesburg Jan Smuts - FAJS changed to Johannesburg O.R. Tambo Int'l - FAOR which rather made a mess of Oliphants River Bridge's owners plan. Amazingly, it still holds the unofficial code in internet sources despite being actually unlicensed.
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