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Watching planes at Addis Abeba

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  • Watching planes at Addis Abeba

    Hello everybody,
    In October, I will be transiting through Addis Abeba on my way from Frankfurt to Entebbe. Are there any viewing opportunities at Addis Abeba inside the terminal (airside, I won't be entering Ethiopia)? I'd be very happy about any information that will help me spend a few hours in Addis Abeba and get a few shots of Ethiopian Airlines aircraft, especially 787 and 767 since these will be the ones I'll be travelling on.
    Thanks a lot in advance,

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    Hi Peter,

    I used to live in Ethiopia until 2003 and so the information that I have is well and truly out of date, but the current terminal was open at that point and I'll give it my best shot. The terminal faces east if I remember right with most of the ramp and the boneyard to the south. When I was there there weren't any restrictions and the glass was fine to take photographs through. If I remember right, aircraft generally take off towards the north, although I generally only flew during the summer months.

    The weather in October should be ok, the rainy season should have finished by then. The Ethiopian highlands to the south are beautiful with the upper part of the Rift valley easily identifiable as you fly over it.

    As I said, this information is quite old.... but one thing that never changes is the excellence of freshly roasted Ethiopian coffee!