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Part of aircraft cut off

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  • Part of aircraft cut off

    Today was rejected the following photo for "Part of aircraft cut off"
    In the past days was accepted this two my shot taken the same day.


    The first photo was accepted directly in screen.
    The second was accepted after appeal, drawing a comparison with the first.
    Considering that all three pictures have the same type of crop, I appeal the last reject asking to consider the possibility of accepting the photos in the database; In the appeal I explained that earlier photographs had been accepted and the situations that led to accept them.
    The appeal was processing and this is the mail they send back:

    Your appeal for photo id 4976311 has been processed and has been rejected.
    Admin Comments >> There is no need to cut off the horizontal stabilizer in this side on photo.

    I don't claim that my picture is necessarily accepted but I think it would take a certain linearity of judgment. What do you think?

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    The chopeod off tip of the stabilizer looks too weird from that angle. I would have rejected the KLM as well, the AF is very borderline.
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