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Compact flash card problems

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  • Compact flash card problems

    Maybe someone can help me with this.

    Yesterday for the second time in a few weeks time my camera "broke" my CF card. I turn the camera on, want to take a picture but the card is not found. The entire card, not just individual photos. Formatting the card is therefor not even an option!

    My card can not be read anymore on the computer either, except when using a data recovery program.

    The card was already in the camera when I turned it on. So it does not seem likely that I accidentally damaged one of the pins in the camera's CF slot. Neither can I see any damaged or twisted pins inside the CF slot.

    My camera is a Canon 7D, the cards are a 32GB Delkin and a 32 GB Sandisk. Even after formatting the Sandisk card on the computer it is not found by the camera. I have not tried formatting the Delkin yet, it's undergoing data recovery now.
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