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  • A new rule?

    A new rule?A picture of me was rejected . I appealed . In the meantime, I edit the photo again and placed it already the queu . I 've done this many times before . Never been a problem . And when the appealed photo was accepted then I removed immediately the same picture from the queu . It worked all the time. Until now
    The appealed photo was rejected with the following comment : Double in queue .You should wait for the appeal to be dealt with before reuploading. .
    Is that a new rule? In the upload guidelines I see only this:

    2.3 DoubleThis will Occur if you upload the same picture twice.I think that means you do not have to upload a photograph already accepted . That makes senseBut this picture was not accepted .Now it seems like there is not even looked at the picture .Screeners I ask it again: a new rule ???

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    but.... why did you reupload the pic without waiting the appeal to be screened ??? That's what I really don't understand, and the fact you did it before doesn't help me understand.... Please explain because I really really don't get it

    I didn't screen the appeal but I believe that it would have been rejected before if we had known you were doing that regurlary


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      I do so in order to gain time if the picture is still rejected.


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        Well, thanks for letting us to know to check your queue when you appeal a shot.
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          I was the screener Paul. If you appeal a rejection then it means that you want THAT image looked at again and possibly accepted. There is no point in reuploading when the appeal is still live because you then bring about the possibility of the new upload being accepted and then the appeal also being accepted with the confusing result of doubles in the database.
          While an image is the subject of an appeal any further upload will result in doubles in the queue. It also means that you are reuploading an unchanged rejection. That has earned some uploaders a short ban in the past.

          Here is the sensible timeline that you need to observe....

          1. An image is rejected and you don't agree.
          2. Appeal.
          3. Wait for the appeal to be dealt with.
          4. Appeal accepted ? No problem.
          5. Appeal rejected ?
          6. Fix the problem and reupload.

          Please do not do what you have been doing again.

          By the way, I did check the appeal and agreed with the the rejection reason.
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            Brian, thanks for your explanation.

            To be clear: I never upload a photo unchanged I know that's forbidden.

            However, in the future I will wait until the appeal is dealt with, so that Gerardo will not have to keep an eye on my list.


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              We see if a similar pic is in the queue, it takes bit more effort to see when this was up-loaded. So for us it looks like a double.
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