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  • Rejected category missing

    Hi all, I've been waiting some time for my account to be registered, hope this is the right section!

    i recently had this photo rejected:

    i didn't receive the email stating the reason for its rejection, I only saw the rejection come up in my user panel. I appealed it as I know I had checked everything relevant, so I appealed stating I don't know why it was rejected. I just got a reply to say check my emails in the future. anyway after 48 hours of me
    scratching my head wondering if I forgot something simple, the email came out of nowhere saying it was due to missing selecting "night category"

    I didn't select night because it was almost 1 full hour before sunset, meaning we still had two hours of light left. I've had photos accepted taken at similar times and I've never selected "night". I know it doesn't specifically mean darkness but the sun was still well above the horizon.

    I also noted A photo accepted from the photog standing right next to me, and I asked if he selected "night" and he said no. A search of "night" photos doesn't bring a result either. Here is his:

    i know this can't be reversed now, but I want to re upload it and I want to be sure it doesn't get rejected again. I personally still don't believe it to be a "night" photo.



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    This is an extract from the upload guidelines...

    This category should apply for the following: - Dawn, Dusk & Night. For Dusk & Dawn shots these should show a red-orange glow and long shadows. Dusk or dawn shots where the aircraft is a silhouette in front of a rising or setting sun would be a time where backlit shots are acceptable and Night Shot would apply. The sun needs to be very close to the horizon for Night Shot to apply.
    The horizontal shadows and evening glow on your very nice shot qualifies it for night shot category. The other shot that you mention crept through screening. I have added the night category to it.
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      Thanks for that quick response Brian, much appreciated. Now I have an image reference to go by, I'll ensure it's got Night Category selected in the future. Cheers! I'll re upload it with "night shot" added once I've got a spot in the Queue