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  • Updated test registations

    Hi guys,
    Got a little question.

    As most know test registrations are re-used once an aircraft receives its new registration. Because of that the registration will be in the database, but serials and airline will change.

    So are updates test registrations considered "hot" ?
    Best regards

    Peter Lund

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    I have a personal view about how hot an undelivered aircraft with a test reg is (or in my view, is not !) and will leave that subject here !!!

    As it stands at the moment FR24 want the latest pictures of aircraft for their tracking links so any first images will be hot regardless of registration. Basically, hot and how long it is regarded as being hot is determined as follows...

    Hot...for 48 hours after the first upload
    1. A new type for the manufacturer.
    2. A first of type for the airline.
    3. A new Special Scheme.
    4. An internationally newsworthy event.

    Hot...First image uploaded ONLY.
    1. A new airframe delivery of an existing type for the airline.

    Personally speaking I feel that the delivery to the operator of a first of type with the appropriate fleet country registration falls under item 4 of the 48hr rule.
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      Thanks Brian,
      Wasn´t sure how it works with test registrations that is re-used all the time.
      Best regards

      Peter Lund