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Posting photo comments.

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  • Posting photo comments.

    When posting comments on photos please take note of the following rules....

    1. Comments must be in English. We have been accused of being racist for this but it is necessary to ensure that there is no bad language or personal attacks posted. The senior screeners generally only speak, at a maximum, two languages. In my case they are "English" and "Obscene" !!

    2. Avoid one word comments. Avoid using all CAPITALS, Avoid using computer abbreviation and multiple letters such as LOLLOLLOL

    4. Make the comment relevent to the picture and/or the skill of the photographer. Negative comments will be deleted. Inappropriate language could result in a site ban.

    5. Do not use "Internet Speak" Write "You are" and not "u r"

    6. If you notice a file data error then file a formal correction. Don't use the comment facility for this.

    7. If you want to ask a question then use email or a Private Message.

    Remember, the purpose of comments is to praise and support the photographer. It's designed to give them a "Feel Good" factor.

    Thank you.
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