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  • Krakow Airport spotting

    In August I will be visiting Poland and will have a spare day to take photos at Krakow. Does anyone have any advice on where are the best places for photography. All advice gratefully received

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    I'm not a local spotter and can't help you for the spots...
    But I'm in Krakow for a week, have the appartement near the approach and in 4 days I haven't seen a single interesting plane - mostly Ryanair 737, LH 320, Austrian Fokker, LOT Embraer ... and very low traffic too

    But when you're in Krakow, there's so many great things to do, that even if I took all my camera gear with me I doubt I'll go to the airport - City is so wonderful, and if you need your dose of aviation, the Polish aviation museum is a must-do



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      I'm local Krakow spotter
      Not sure if I'm home the time you'll be here , but feel free to contact me if you need any help or assistance
      90% of operations at EPKK use Runway 25 - so:
      Here's the "basic" map of spots:
      NOTE: Public transport marks are out of date, ignore them.
      The best (and almost only) point is GÓRKA - (right side of the map) - it's about 20min walk from the Terminal.
      MOSTEK is used by us only with bad weather - otherwise - backlit all the day.
      There is one spot used for 07 operations - FOXTROT - but accessible only by car and the ladder is a must. (Górka and mostek - no ladder).


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        Excellent, thank you very much to both of you. I plan to stay at the airport hotel for a couple of nights, but on google maps I couldn't see how you could cross the motorway to access gorka. Is there a bride or underpass close? My trip will have plenty of culture as I'm visiting both Krakow and Warsaw with a good Polish friend and my parents. Already have a trip to the aviation museum planned with my dad. I don't mind the traffic, makes a pleasant change to China Eastern 737/320 all the time in Shanghai. Plus I've never seen a prop powered plane at an airport here....

        Edit: Just reread the map. Is the red line a path I can take to access gorka. Walk north from the terminal and then double back once the motorway has been crossed.


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          Red line is the walk path
          There is a road under the highway to get to GÓRKA.
          If your museum visit is during the weekend - let me know, I'll be happy to guide you (just got back from there visiting with Alex )


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            Thanks for the information. I visited the museum this morning and it was very good. This afternoon I went to the airport and, unfortunately, it looks like Gorka is no longer available. The local spotters who were there tell me that there is a sign there now restricting access to the road and the police moved along everyone stood by the landing lights. It seems as though they don't want people lingering by the lights. I am not too sure if there's anywhere else that would be ok by the approach, so would Foxtrot be ok for departing flights?