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Any good spotting locations at Denver International Airport (KDEN) ?

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  • Any good spotting locations at Denver International Airport (KDEN) ?

    I'm going on a trip to Denver in the coming August. It'll be my first time to visit US and I'm planning to spare one afternoon for plane spotting in KDEN. Are there any places for spotting planes arriving / landing at Denver (except restricted areas) ? Thanks so much for your help. I'm a spotter from Hong Kong.

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    I from Shenzhen [emoji1]

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      This might help. And if you want to spot from inside the terminal, check this out. Have fun grabbing all those Frontier animals!

      Although not very famous, Denver airport is HUGE, so it'll be hard to predict the runway a specific flight may take. It is also, believe it or not, much busier than Hong Kong (575,000 flights per year for DEN, vs 406,000 flights per year for HKG), making Denver even busier than London Heathrow. And since this is your first time in the US, you'll be surprised at how much regional jets you'll see. I remember in all of China there are only 2 CRJ-700s. Well over here sometimes you'll feel as if the entire sky is filled with CRJs and ERJs.

      Have fun!

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        The sun is high and strong this time of year with lots of heat-haze. Your best bet is early morning or late afternoon into the evening for shooting. Let me know the exact date and I may be available to show you around. You need a car for sure, and that wiki entry is mostly garbage, especially about being arrested.

        If you're there for numbers only, then the above is void regarding times.
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