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  • Similar photo uploaded

    I got this Superjet rejected for both wrong category and for double:

    If "special paint" is debatable (I used to get rejections here for NOT choosing it for unpainted a/c), since when different airframes (s/n) became double here? Sukhoi reused registration numbers both for test and for production a/c until they not transferred to customer. So does Airbus AFAIK. I can understand such rejection for photo selling sites (they don't need a lot of similar looking shoots) but for site which claims that it's aviation DB?

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    She is indeed not similair because it is another airframe. Special c/s category is not required. And you need to include the full date of the picture as seen in your exif.
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      Originally posted by ErwinS View Post
      And you need to include the full date of the picture as seen in your exif.
      Oh and it raised another question! Usually we avoid to put exact data for shoots made at military and test airfields, especially for some sensitive photos as special modifications etc. Frequently it means that we skip exact date for all traffic shoot this day at this place. It both means safety and security purpose for us. Now it seems JP want to enforce it and I have rejection on solely "no date" reason. Appeal was lost with reference to 1.2.10 paragraph of UG but it's not "must" but worded as "expected" and sole reason is "date manipulation" which in this case is not. HS remark "We have always had this rule but it is now being enforced properly. ... however you must put a valid reason to the screeners when you upload that photo. No valid reason given will result in rejection." feels a bit not sport as it WAS NOT in the rules, it was not announced and there is no definition what is "valid" for screeners

      PS: I just found that EXIF shows date/time but I believe it was not a case previously? Or was I mistaken?
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        Hi Alex,
        Definitely not similar - And yeah you are right about the date, we'll make a couple of announcement tomorrow to make it more clear



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          Originally posted by Alex - Spot-This ! View Post
          Hi Alex,
          And yeah you are right about the date, we'll make a couple of announcement tomorrow to make it more clear


          Can I hope for revision of HS decision for photo id 5435391 then?


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            I can do that but please be sure to include the full date in the future uploads or to give us a reason why you don't



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              Oh thanks for SSJ acceptance but I refers to An-12 shoot.


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                  Double thanks, Alex!


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                    Ok, now I have lost appeal case with similar again. HS sent me to read "... the upload guidelines regarding similar. Gear up or down is not relevant."

                    Similar refers to same registration, same angle/composition or same background, even if taken at different dates or in different phases of flight. The angle between uploads must differ by at least 45 degrees.
                    I still can't get an idea behind that. Rejecting different dates means that site prohibit uploading say winter and summer shoots? Skyshots, landings and takeoffs also will be regarded similar even with aircraft in different configurations?

                    Means this shoots are similar?

                    Or only one of this shots can be uploaded?


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                      Hi Alex,
                      So to help you figure it out...

                      pic 1 pic 2

                      pic 3 pic 4

                      pic 5 pic 6


                      pic 7 pic 8

                      pic 9


                      So 1-6 similar - 5-6 similar - pic 2-3-4 similars (4 is also backlit) - 2-5-6 also similars - 1-5 similars

                      and 7-9 similar


                      Background, snow or not, are all things that might avoid a shot being similar with another - Wheels up or down doesn't change anything

                      Hope it helps



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                        How I number the shots:


                        Imho one pic from the group 2-3-4 (3 makes the most sense, as 4 is backlit and 2 close to similar with 1-5-6) and one pic from the group 1-5-6, would be okay.

                        For the second batch

                        1-3 are similar. 2 is not similar to either 1 or 3.
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                          Ok, as I get accepted photo 2 from the first group, all other seems are out of question (ground shoots because similar background, sky shoots because similar angle). Ok then. Rules are rules even if I see them as a bit strange.


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                            I'm a bit puzzled again about similar rule:


                            this one is rejected for backlit (can't deny but think it's not so bad, i have worse cases in db) but also for similar. But I can't find any similar photo in DB at all (there is only two photos of this plane in DB and non of them are 3/4 front) I think rejected one has at least 45º difference with both.


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                              Angle is too similar and 2nd shot really doesn't add anything to the 1st one which is actually way better