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Rejection "window glare/dirt "

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  • Rejection "window glare/dirt "

    this pic was rejceted for window glare/dirt

    I applied with the question what is meant in this case because I don't get the clou by reading the photo guidelines for this point.
    I recieved this answer which didn't help me concerning window glare/dirt:
    Admin Comments >> pixels are also visible in sky due to editing - correctly rejected - please use forum for more assistance I only can assume that the lights are too shiny/bright. If yes I can stop re-editing it.


    R. Spoddig

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    Looks like the a/c lights are overdone, the glare is taking over the whole picture, it draws all the attentention. Rejection reason should have been manipulation: " Any other altering during the editing process will be rejected, this means adding things that were not originally in the picture or removing significant elements of the shot. Recent examples are: addition of glare effects, altering of regs, etc."
    Hope this helps


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      Thanks for your reply. Now I understand.
      I didn't overmanipulated the pic. It is almost like "out of the cam". Unfortunately I chose the wrong valve setting which created these "star effects".
      Thus it cannot be edited to be accepted and so I keep it in my collection.