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Photography at Singapore Changi

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  • Photography at Singapore Changi

    Hi folks; I am hoping to get over to Oz at some stage, either this year or (more likely) next and am planning to fly via Singapore.

    I wanted to get some advice on this, as Singapore is very humid most of the year; there are plenty of photos on the database, but I just wanted to ask about camera protection and any precautions I should observe - should I, for example, have some of those silica gel sachets in my bag, or anything else that might help.

    I hope to go down toward the beach and watch acft landing on the 20s, L or R. (Which is better, and where are the best places to stand?)

    Any other advice you can offer would be terrific.

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    Hi there,
    I visited Singapore a couple of years ago. The beach area is very accessible and you can go along the path to choose your favorite spot, just change location as the sun moves during the day. All my photos were taken next to 20R as it was close to my hotel and maybe 20L would have been a further 20 minute walk. I didn't use anything special with my camera. Do be careful of the heat, you'll need to have sunscreen on, a good sunhat and take plenty of liquids. I seem to remember vending machine selling drinks and maybe a coffee shop in the area. There is a hotel is just west of the beach with plenty of areas to eat around it.


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      Thanks for the advice, Bobh!


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        You can also go to the public Terminal 1 Viewing Mall for some ground shots Such as the ones below:

        Also, depending on the direction of landing, you might want to check out Changi Business Park (RWY02L - main runway for landings) as well. It can be accessible by MRT (Expo station) or bus (services 20, 47, 118 ) but would require walking; anything from 1-10 minutes, depending on where you wish to position yourself. There are quite a few vantage points.