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    Dear friends,

    First of all, I would like to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your hard work. I know you guys upload and screen the pictures as much as you guys can, without any compensation (I assume). This website has grown exponencially in the past year, and the number of uploads has increased a lot. I wonder if you guys are planning to add more screeners to the team. Many of us would love to help (AND LEARN!) you, so I wonder if you guys are planning to address this issue.

    THank you and please don't consider this thread as a complain, we all love this website

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    Thank you for your nice polite message. Indeed the uploads are really high. And the issue is that they get REALLY high every time we put an extra effort (called screening dives sessions) and the queue goes down. Last time we brought the queue down to 6000, we got like 3500 uploads/day... certainly not something that we can manage with the current crew.
    Recently we have added a new screener who's doing really great in terms of numbers and screening quality (thanks Willy !)
    We also have the pleasure to get the return of a very experimented screener in the name of Paul Nichols who'll be a great help as he proved it for years.
    The crew is really making its best to keep the queue in control but we will always try to do better, our goal is definitely to have a shorter waiting time.

    About adding new screeners, it's good to know that there's interest. For now we don't have a big recruitment planned as we did about 18 months ago.
    Now... if somebody strongly believes he can help us we are always happy to receive serious applications (by serious we mean a very good portfolio, an excellent knowledge of our standards and photography/editing, lots of free time...). Just send them to [email protected] - But again, we're not in a phase of recruiting and training new screeners for now, but we'll keep all applications for later.

    Thanks again, we love JP too and do our best to make it a nice experience.