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Canon Digital Rebel - Software Installation Problem

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  • Canon Digital Rebel - Software Installation Problem

    I am currently running Windows 2000 SP4 on my Athlon XP 1800+ PC. I just bought a Canon Digital Rebel and the only problem I am having is in the loading of the software (EOS Digital Solution Disk, Ver 6). When I run the installer, I get the error:

    1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime

    I have searched Microsoft's website, InstallShield's website, and almost all websites found using google. Everything I have tried hasn't worked. My InstallShield does work because I saw it function when I did some Windows updates between attempts at loading this software.

    Has anyone who owns a Canon DSLR (this may be a problem with other Canon digitals) experienced the same problem and already solved it?

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    I'm having the same problem with the Photoshop 6SE that comes with my Nikon Coolpix.
    I'm also running Windows 2000 SP4 (happened under SP3 as well though).


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      This might help


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        getting another error, "memory at 0xffffffff" could not be read. In other words a nullpointer exception in the installer...


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          Solved installer problem, the hard way (made easy)

          Thanks Colin for the link, but the solution listed on this website as well as others did not work. I did read that a final option was to reload windows if all else failed.

          From past experience with the instabilities of MS Windows (Win 2K is much better than past MS OS's), I installed two hard drives in my PC. One is for Win 2K with all applications and the other is ONLY for data. After recently doing a complete rebuild of my system, I used Norton Ghost to create an image (or copy) of my Win2K/application drive. After continuing to have these installer problems, I decided to re-image my pc which put me right back to where I was minus a couple of recent application installs since my total rebuild. Since all my data was on another drive, I didn't need to back it up prior to re-imaging. The only thing I did back up prior to re-imaging was my MS Outlook .pst file. I recommend you get help from someone comfortable with this process before attempting, because this process erases the drive that you are going to re-image (that's my disclaimer).

          The cost of Norton Ghost proved invaluble in this situation. I was back up and running in about 10 mins. Just thought I'd pass along my experience.



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            i have a DSLR and had no worries with the install.

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              i got a 10d a few months ago and still to this day cannot load the canon software to get the pictures off the camera. the software loads, but it won't detect my camera, so i had to go out and get a flash card reader to be able to transfer pics.
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                better to use one anyway, saves batteries

                Only problem is if you can't read the RAW format and have shot in that...