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  • Help us reduce the queue !!!

    Hi all,

    As you've noticed, the crew has made a joined effort to bring the queue from +17000 to around 6000.
    That requires a ton of work with many screeners having complete days in front of the computer. It's fantastic to see our efforts lower the queue to
    3/4 days waiting. It's also pretty cool to see people all excited and uploading more very nice shots.
    What is less fantastic is to see the below average uploads. Some people have uploaded 100+ shots with quite a lot a lot of average or under average shots.
    And on our side it's really hard to be motivated to screen large numbers of shots when the uploads are average or worst.

    So yes, what we would like to ask is to be a bit more selective in your uploads in oder to help us keep the queue at an acceptable level.

    With a little effort I'm pretty sure we can all help keeping the queue low.
    Enjoy your weekend
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    In addition to Alex's post....When you get most or all of your uploads rejected then it means that there is a serious problem with your work. Most people would have a little rant about that and then give up.


    We are more than willing to offer assistance and advice to help you to fix any problems via our help forums. If you want some help go here...
    If it 'ain't broken........ Don't try to mend it !


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      A BIG thank you to all Screeners and the team! You have screened my photos within 5 days. That is awesome. Thank you guys
      Have a nice day
      Best Regards from Germany,
      Julian S.​


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        Great job by all, and perhaps an email sent to everyone as not everyone visits the forums.


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          Tremendous effort of the screeners!


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            I was quite impressed when the queue even went down to 3000s. It only took 2 days and 18 hours to go through the screening process. That was totally amazing!
            Thank you to all screeners!
            Newbie to JP, view my photos here: