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    Dear fellow spotters,

    what happened to the view counts?
    Usually you have to have 400-500 views in order to get in the Top15 and more that 1000 for the Top4.
    Since some days ago 200 and 500 is sufficient, respectively. And this seems to be rather constant.

    Just coincidence?

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    Hello PeterB,

    Same here...views are very low at the moment...have some pics added on 10th january with around 40 views...normally it's around 200,300 views. When I checked my yesterday views the last days it's more then 50% less then normal.
    I send some pm's to Laurence but so far no comments back... may'be now???


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      Views historically have been lower when a larger number of photos get screened and added to the database at one time which has happened a lot over the last couple of weeks over the Christmas period. That could be one explanation. There's more new photos for people to look at, hence they click on them less.