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    I just have one question. Is my Fujifilm finepix hs50exr good enough to upload on this site? I have been trying my best, I know the camera limitations but I try to shoot only good light, fast shutter speed, close objects, then edit them to add a little sharpness and reduce noise, add a little bit contrast and color, I crop, level the image.. but keep getting rejected mostly by image not sharp and blur. I can see other photos being uploaded from similar cameras like nikon l820 and lumix fz200. So is the fuji just too noisy not sharp enough? should I keep trying or do I simple need a better camera/lens?


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    These kind of cameras are borderline. I had a Lumix FZ28 years ago and the quality is not comparable with my Nikon D7000+Nikon 200-500 or Tamron 70-300.
    You definitely have to ensure that you acquire your pictures in RAW to minimize quality loss during editing.


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      My Nikon D7000 has a 16.2 mpixel sensor and the Fuji has a 16 mpixel sensor so on the face of it they should perform about the same ?
      But no, the Nikon sensor is 23mm wide and the Fuji sensor is approx 12mm wide. The two are never going to perform the same but the Fuji will occasionally give a useable shot. This will most likely be in good sunlight, stationary, using the finest settings possible and requiring minimal post processing. The price New for a Fuji is around 400. For the same price you can get a Nikon DX 23mm, 24.1 mpixel sensor.
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