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Shooting digital in rainy conditions???

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  • Shooting digital in rainy conditions???

    Today I've been outside with my new digital camera (Olympus C-750). It was the first time that I made pictures during rain. Unfortunately I'm not satisfied how the pics turned out. With my normal SLR it was no problem to shoot under rainy conditions.
    Now I'm asking you what I've to make for settings or for what I've to pay attention. Maybe there are some tools in PhotoShop which make my pictures looking better.
    Thanks for your help.
    Bye, Georg(e).

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    Perhaps Clovis, or resident Olympus digicam expert, can shed some light on this.. I'll PM him about this topic.
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      What about a Canon DSLR? What is a good way to shoot with clouds?

      Today I was shooting under the clouds but I got more grain than I usually did with my 3mp Kodak.


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        Hey DRS-Spotter, i'm in the same situation with my C750. What is your problem exactly?


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          I have an Olympus C720. It's not too great for shooting in dark rainy conditions. I'm assuming your main concern is the darkness. This is what I do. I shoot on P mode, and use the righ/left arrow keys to compensate exposure.

          If not darkness, then what specifically are your concerns?

          Clovis is a better photographer, and I think he has a 750 (or 740, i'm not sure). Perhaps he can tell us something else.

          These are some of my photos taken under severely dark and rainy condition with the C720. I agree, they are pretty crap.



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            My F707 performs worst in cloudy and rainy conditions...

            here is the sample straight from camera:

            Both taken at JFK using 1.7x B300 TC
            Check out my photos at!


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              Bloddy hell thats dia. I'm pretty sure Shaun Grist could show us some pretty nice "cloudy" shots with his 707.....if he ever fixes his computer :P


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                Here is one pic, after I worked on it with PhotoShop (sharpened, contrast and brightniss).

                The background is very dissapointing me, the grain too. Maybe I should have used noise reduction?! What are you saying on these pic?

                Bye, Georg(e).
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                  That LH shot looks good to me... part of the "grain" you see is water droplets, which are unavoidable.

                  Do you know what ISO you were shooting on? The higher the ISO, the more grain.
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                    I was shooting at Auto-Iso. Turned out to ISO-200. Do you think it's woth uploading?
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                      Try to shoot with the lowest ISO possible. And check your compression settings. You applied too much.