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    Hi Brian,

    I did add a winking smiley about the political comment, made in jest - no malice intended.

    I also have absolutely no bones to pick about the screening standards here either. My suggestion was/is just that, a suggestion to speed-up the process. Do excuse my strong difference of opinion on your social media usage, let's agree to disagree.

    Fair enough, I put my point across - you spoke your mind.

    Lets look ahead, peace


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      Hey everybody,
      I am finally getting around to sending in some feedback about the new site design. First of all, let me say: I love it. Looks much more modern and especially the front page puts the pictures really "in front".
      Here are something I noted, though, that I feel are missing, or functions from the old version that I miss, or some glitches you might not yet be aware of, or some things I liked in particular and for which I want to pay a compliment:

      1. General
      a) Suggestion: clicking on a picture on the front page should automatically open that picture in a new tab, not in the same frame. This way you don't have to hit the back button to go back to the front page or use the "right mouse click -> open in new tab" function... just a bit more convenient.
      b) Bring back the different display modes for searches: Full info, Just Photos, Tiny Photos... when searching for a particular picture, where you don't need to see all the info, that is going to be very helpful.
      c) In the search results: when there are more than 10 pages of results, double arrows show besides the listing of page numbers (<< or >>). These will take you either to the very first or the very last page. In the old version there were also single arrows (< or >) that let you skip to the next listing, like from the lististing of pages 1 to 10 to the listing of pages 11 to 20. [I hope I explained that right. If not, please send me a private message or email ]

      2. Uploading
      a) Taking the photo date from the imbedded data in the picture file is AWESOME... A+++
      b) On the upload page, the preview pic only shows the first picture of a batch. It doesn't change, when I select the next pictures from my hard drive.
      c) The "Now select a watermark..." function is way too prominent at the top of the upload page for my taste.
      d) If you write something in the "Info to screeners" field, or select a category, the field and especailly the category do not reset after the upload. You have to manually de-select the category or erase what you wrote in the "info to screeners" field. The latter is just a nuisance for the photographers and probably more bothersome to the screeners. However, if you have to de-select the categories when uploading a batch of mixed pictures of airliners and biz-jets for example, you always have to remember to unclick the categories correctly. It would be much simpler and easier if the categories reset themselves after each upload.
      e) Once a picture is uploaded, you may realize there was a mistake made. In the old version you could also edit the "categories" by de-selecting them in the "manage queued pictures" -> "correct info" function. This is no longer possible, but would greatly help both photographers to correct their own mistakes or incorrect mouse clicks, and it would reduce the screeners' need for the "Wrong category" rejection.

      3. Rejections
      a) I received a rejection today, but the reason for the rejectin - while correctly stated in the email - was not given on the rejected phot view and on the appeals page.

      Well, so much for my input. I realize that I seem to be focussing on the negative aspects here, but I consider these things rather minor. I really like the re-design and I am sure you will have ironed out the kinks and teething troubles in no time. Keep up the good work

      Cheers, Peter


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        Thanks a lot for the very complete review. It'll be very useful an there are definitely points that we'll take into consideration. The one about the rejection is being tested right now and we got the same conclusion as you did so some adjustment is definitely needed there.

        Thanks again



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          On the previous version of the site it was possible to submit photo corrections to other people's photos (location, registration etc). Could this option be returned please? A few days ago I noticed a few photos with the wrong location, this was changed after I contacted the photographer, but not everyone keeps an eye on their e-Mail.

          Also, is it possible to show photos in their original size when pressing the thumbnail? Right now you have to open the thumbnail, and then again click the photo for the full size. I can imagine this would be preferable for a tablet, but on my PC this makes no sense.
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            Just thought of something - because it happened to me yesterday - and - if it has already been mentioned - my apologies for the duplicate request - but - on the correct info page for a picture in the queue, can you add the tags like special scheme, cargo, etc. I was doing a large upload and forgot that I had put the special scheme on one - and not turned if off - I had to delete the picture from the queue and re-add it. Be so much easier if it was on the correct info page.



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              Originally posted by Nikolai View Post
     your "aircraft" search field it says:

              If i write for example 747-200 on the keywords i only have a dozen of pics, cause as we know the the -200 includes as written above hundreds os series (212, 282, 285,etc)
              Tanx in advance.
              If you want your search to include everything in the series then search for 747-2 and that should cover everything in the 200 series.


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                Can we have the "Photo date" and "Uploaded" date displayed as (for example):

                "February 11, 2017" instead of "2017-02-11"?


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                  Hello everybody,
                  I have another suggestion to improve the re-designed site:

                  On the front page, when you mouse over the preview pictures, a pop-up appears quoting the notes given with the picture. However, I think it would be much more helpful if the pop-up showed the location of the picture. In the current design you have to click on the picture to find out where it was taken, which is somewhat inconvenient, especially since the picture then opens in the same frame rather than a new tab (see my comments above, posted on 12 Feb 2017).

                  I hope this comment will help you with fine tuning the new site design. In general, I can say that I still love it