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JP site redesign. Problem. Addition an airport photos

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  • JP site redesign. Problem. Addition an airport photos

    1. Trying to upload the ramp shot
    2. Click "Autofill button"
    3. See this message:

    Multiple airlines found for this registration

    Please select the correct one:
    • Airport Overview
    • Control Tower
    • Ramp
    • Runway
    • Terminal

    4. Click Ramp
    5. Autofill falls
    5.1 Airline not choosen
    5.2 Ramp not choosen
    5.3 To choose Ramp manualy is impossible. The message "no results match Ramp"
    6. Until the airline is not choosed "Upload button" is inactive

    7. Add "Ramp" to Airlines list is imposible. The message
    • This airline already exists

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    For now just use the "Various" in the aircraft field and the ICAO code as registration. In the screening process we are able to fix it.
    This is a known issue, on the list to be fixed in the next days.

    Thanks for your understanding,

    Simon De Rudder
    Simon De Rudder
    JetPhotos Management Team