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  • Image use request

    Hi all,

    i got a request for an image by a travel agent who was looking for images to be used in his website, and after a brief research I found the facebook page where there are other images taken from JP users and other related site.
    Have someone ever dealt whit this kind of request?


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    There are plenty of FB sites who copy pictures from JP,, PS etc. without permission. Sadly this is pretty common this times.


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      - contact admin of group, explain copyrights issue

      - if no result, ask everyone here to signal the page to FB for copyright issues

      - spam the page with messages/comments about how the pics were stolen

      - page gets closed by FB (hopefully)


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        He asked me the permission to use it and I'm waiting his reply because I'd like to recieve more informations about the use of the photo, for sure every image bigger than 1024x768 without watermark has to be bought and not used free of charge but I think that he won't reply to the mail.

        To be honest, I didn't think that all the images on his page or the page of the travel agency were "stolen" and used without permission of the author but it could also be as said by Alex even if they are with the bit it could be cut/copy.

        We'll see..anyway thanks for your replies