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Current Queue limits, error?

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  • Current Queue limits, error?

    Hello all,

    Can't seem to find any reference to this being an issue since the site redesign.

    Is the current Queue limit for Non Premium members still 20, with a maximum of 10 uploads per day, or has it changed?

    In the past 14 days I've only had 1 rejection, which means I'd understand my current limit to be 19, no? It seems I can't have any more than 13 in the Queue at any one time. I've got a few images I'd like to upload as I tend to upload 10-15 over a couple of days and repeat the following week. Its my understanding I still have 6 slots available that I can't access.

    First 10 photos have been in the queue for 4 days or so, and I added a couple today.

    Appreciate any answers!

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    I'm having exactly the same problem.

    I've 5 photos rejected in the past 2 weeks, but I am only allowed to upload 9.

    My case is even more weired, because I had 10 photos in queue, then I0ve erased one because I have a hot photo to upload and at the moment I cannot upload the new one... Shows up the same message that I've reached the upload limit.

    My best regards.


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      We found a bug with the upload limits - it should be fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience that this caused.

      Upload limits remain the same as pre- redesign - 20 is still the max with 10 as a daily limit.



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        I uploaded 10 photo's today and then deleted 3 of them as I realised I had some better photos.

        I assumed I could then upload the 3 better photo's - I guess I assumed wrong as it still says I have reached the 10 limit despite only having 7 in the queue.


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          Dear all, I do also have similar issues. It would be nice to be able to see exactly what is our current queue limit. Thank you and best regards, Seb


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            We did not touch any of the code related to queue limits as part of the redesign- all the limits remained the same. We did however find an old bug where deleted photos in the queue would still count towards limits.

            We have now fixed this so that if you delete a photo from the queue it will free up an upload slot.


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              I currently have only 8 photos in queue yet I am getting the "You have reached your queue limit" message. Any ideas?


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                Originally posted by crisquijano View Post
                I currently have only 8 photos in queue yet I am getting the "You have reached your queue limit" message. Any ideas?
                What is your photographer id ?
                The limit comes most probably because of the rejections you have in your backlog.



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                  ouch! it's "crisquijano" / Cristian Quijano

                  I didnīt know rejections are a factor.


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                    Alex, how do I get my Photog ID? I checked my profile and could not find it. thank you -cq


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                      Found it - your photographer id is 93414

                      You now have 21 rejections which limits your uploads until they rejections are cleared from the backlog.

                      Best regards


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                        Thank you Alex...


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                          I've been uploading and my rejections did not seem to have an effect on the limit. Just yesterday I had 19 in the queue with 6 rejections. Prior to the redesign, that would have given me a limit of 14. (20-6) But I was able to upload 1, to go from 18 to 19. Now, today after screening I have 16 in the queue, with 7 rejections total. It says I can't upload. Is there a new bug? How do rejections affect uploading? I know it was different yesterday.
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                            We applied a bug which might have had effect on you. YES rejections are supposed to affect the slots so it looks like actually something which was wrong was corrected for you. Note that rejection affect the queue for the 14 days after the rejection.



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                              Good morning to you all.

                              Could anyone of the CREW give a definitive answer about the upload slots available ? Before the upgrade of the site, I was an ELITE member but never overdone with the uploads (max 30 per time, or so), after the upgrade somone from the crew, answered my question, that ELITE status is stil valid until further notice (I am OK wih that, if needed I would gladly renew if and whenever).

                              Yesterday I tried to upload but after 30 or so pics I was denied any furhter upload due to queue limit.

                              Today, I checked and I a have "50 daily slots left | 0 queue slots left ", so I cannot upload any more pics.....(for today, until my queue reaches 50 -I have 82 now)

                              Thanx for any given answer

                              Sotiris aka Sotos