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How to make the contrast good enough for this site?

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  • How to make the contrast good enough for this site?

    Hi everyone.

    I got a rejection today that I'm not sure about.

    This was rejected for contrast:

    So I pulled the blacks down and tried again.

    Now it got rejected for contrast and oversharpened;

    The histogram is narrow due to the bright sky and the snow on the ground reflecting light up onto the underside.

    And just a note, this reg is not in service yet, and I don't think seeing the RAT deployed is that common.

    Honestly, I just want an opinion on how I can make it acceptable, and what I should keep in mind in the future?

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    Hi there

    I was one of the screeners involved in rejecting this. The unfortunate truth is sometimes there's just no way of fixing an image, sometimes the conditions are just against us.

    That said, it's difficult to tell exactly what's been done to this as we're looking at an already edited image. It sure is an interesting shot and it's one I'd love to see accepted, I'd be more than happy to take a look at the original JPEG/RAW file and see what I can get from it if that would help in any way?
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      Here's some advice that I found useful:
      Be careful with the sharpening tools. If you over-do it you get jagged edges. In your second picture these are especially visible around the fuselage titles, in the slots of the trailing edge flaps and at the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer. As far as my experience goes, it is much easier to sharpen a soft picture than to "unsharpen" an over-sharpened picture. So go easy on any sharpening tools.

      Several years ago, I ran into an editing workflow for Photoshop Elements that helped me improve my editing technique a lot. I am not sure it was on this website here. If it was on, I can't seem to find it. There are other editing guides in the upload/rejection guide lines, but they are a bit too detailed/extensive for my taste. Maybe somebody else can chip in here...


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        As a new frame and given' the conditions I think the contrast was probably acceptable. The sharpening needs improvement though. As you can see on the wing and title, there's a few jaggies there.

        Best regards