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  • bad info: serial number

    Hello everyone,

    Seems to be an issue with the photo submissions. I entered the serial # for a new aircraft in the database once and it got rejected bad info so thought it was wrong so didn't include it in trying again. Well had to do some photo adjustments and resubmitted and put the serial # in but site is showing no serial # and screener said that I didn't include it in the 1st upload where I did. But if I hit correct info it shows up as being entered in. I've got a corrected photo waiting in the que to be approved with the corrections suggested by the screener but feel it will be rejected again with bad info.
    Screenshots showing the issue:

    Serial# is blank and not showing up even thought it was filled in:

    Serial# is showing as filled in when hitting correct info button:

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    It's a known issue. What I recommend you do is that you appeal the photo and briefly explain your issue and state that you would be glad to submit a correction for the serial number if the screener accepts your appeal.