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Unable to upload photo because type not listed

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  • Unable to upload photo because type not listed

    Hi, I've had this issue several times recently and it's a bit of a pain when it happens because I have to wait for a fix each time. Is there a better way to handle this issue?

    I'm trying to upload a shot of CP-861 which is in the database, but it will not auto-fill correctly because the sub-type is not in the list. That means I also cannot manually complete the details because 727-1A0 is missing from the list.


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    You can add a new type by yourself.
    You have to go to the upload page - aircraft - add type (use this form). Then fill in the informations.
    Now you have to wait - a screener will check this and add (or not) the type. When they accept your
    inquiry, you will receive a email.

    Hope this will help you.
    Best Regards from Germany,
    Julian S.​


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      Hi Julian,

      Thanks for that info. I can see that being helpful for a type that's not in the database, but in this case it is already in the database, just not listed in the sub-type drop-down list.

      It seems like an error of some sort if a type is already in the database but not available for auto-fill or manual selection.

      I'll try your suggestion though.


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        She should be added. With the new site we lost some data from the old site. So thats why some types and airlines are missing.
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