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  • Seoul

    Hi there,
    I have tried contacting a few photographers here about Seoul with no luck and so I'm asking on the forum if anyone has any advice on photography at Incheon or Gimpo. There is information on spotter guide, but my understanding is is that it's a bit outdated now. I'll not have a car and so can anyone suggest which places are the best for photography taking this into account?
    Many thanks,

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    Hi Bob,

    I've been at Incheon in may and have visited spot # 2 as described at spotterguide. Unfortunately I could be there only for about two hours. The description of this spot is still good but it takes some time to get there if you have no car (I didn't have). You can leave the airport next to the station of the airport express. The Metro-Stations as shown at the map of spotterguide are not usefull. They are not part of the "official" Metro of Seoul. After leaving the airport building you simply follow the colored way for cyclers. It will take about 40 minutes to reach the spot. Light is good in the afternoon. Some pics from that visit you can find there:

    Good luck