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Olivier Landes. New airline JOON

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  • Olivier Landes. New airline JOON

    Hello JP Crew,

    I just took the first flight of the company JOON.
    This photo is in the last position of my queue.
    Can it be a priority because it is in 13000th position?

    Thank you

    Olivier Landes

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    For priority screening you have to fill in the Reason why it should be screened before the other pictures in the "Hot Photo? Enter Why: - Box" on your upload page.
    The picture should get screened after a few minutes. But be sure that the reason why should match with the guidelines.

    From the Guidelines written down by Alex:

    2.5 Hot Photo

    The following will be accepted as hot for 48 hours after the first photo got accepted:

    1. New aircraft type produced by a manufacturer. (including subtypes)
    2. New aircraft type / subtype for an airline or air force. (including roll-outs or test flights at the factory)
    3. First appearance of a new airline colour scheme. (incl. for all subtypes)
    4. First appearance of a special scheme for an airline or air force. Air force special scheme must be at least a full tail marking or similar size on the fuselage. (also for subtypes). Airline special scheme includes all alliance schemes such as Star Alliance, One World etc.
    5. Other Newsworthy events at the discretion of the screening team. (typical hand over ceremonies, promotion tours by new airliner types,..)
    6. photos of airliners with a registration not in the database will count as hot. (the 48h hours guideline will not apply to those)
    7. Please note that new routes are not considered as hot.
    Hope this helps, have a nice weekend!
    Best Regards from Germany,
    Julian S.​


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      Thank you Julian.
      I have take JOON today.
      The first flight of JOON LFPG-EDDT.
      See you soon