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  • Responding to requests for image usage

    I've recently had some requests to use my images. I asked advice from an old friend who used to be the CEO of a very large travel oriented slide library, long since subsumed into a large publishing house. The advice was that one should not undermine folk who try to make a living out of their images and only grant license for clearly specified usage. One request from an airline engineering facility hinted that the budget was quite small so when I suggested that a visit to their hangar, where they are hanging a large rendering of my image, would be a suitable consideration they fulfilled my request beyond my expectations with a full afternoon tour.

    Another request recently rather rudely informed me that the requester had been directed by a large engineering consideration to use one of my images internally. On requesting further information concerning their use and pointing out my intellectual property rights their correspondence seemed to suggest that they did not expect to pay to use my image and informed that they would use "the other photographer's" image.

    I did a little web research of sites that advise how to charge in such circumstances and am considering mounting a web page to define my licensing conditions. I wonder if others would like to share the strategies that they use for gaining material compensation for the use of their images. I think it would useful to many to have such advice on this site. It seems to me that most of the people here invest a lot of time and money into an activity they regard as a hobby, but we should not be conducive to facilitating an attitude that the fruits of our efforts are freely available and respect people for whom this hobby is a major part of their livelihood.
    David W. Wilson

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    Excellent attitude David. I never release any image for commercial use without payment. I rarely upload above 1500 pixels wide so my images on the site are too small for a quality commercial use.

    Here is a useful link...

    And another....
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