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Multi point autofocus (Nikon)

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  • Multi point autofocus (Nikon)

    Just looking around at new cameras and noticed one which had a 153 point autofocus system .

    While I have something similar on my camera (though only about 20 points) , I found it quite cumbersome and slow - more a hindrance than a help, so I turned it off. Just wondering if other users have found this . Perhaps newer cameras are faster and react more quickly. Thoughts? Hints ? Other manufacturers with better multi point systems?

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    You can customize the AF system to your liking. If you want, you can go as low as only 15 selectable AF points, but each of this 15 will use the information from the 10 AF points actually in the area. There also plenty automatic modes which work well under some circumstances, like 3D AF mode. You can also decide if you want the camera to use more AF sensors surrounding your original selection in case the subject moves out of the current AF area. There are 5 options alone for this.

    I must say I did not get a camera with the AF system, yet and have only been reading up on it, to make the transition smoother.
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      I've always been a fan of using only the centre focus point and recomposing if I need to, I'd much rather tell the camera exactly what I want it to do rather than let it make decisions and possibly get it wrong.
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        Originally posted by akerosid View Post
        Just looking around at new cameras and noticed one which had a 153 point autofocus system .
        I think that both the D500 and D850 boast the 153 selectable AF points. My D500 has a joystick which allows me to select the focus point. I believe the D850 has the same. I find that the AF is fast enough.
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