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  • Kit lens upgrade

    Dear all,

    I am the happy owner of a Tamron G2 150-600. Really great lens with excellent sharpness, almost no vignetting on a cropped sensor Nikon camera.
    I am also the owner of a kit-lens-like Nikkor DX 55-300 that I used when starting plane spotting and that I still use when travelling because the Tamron is really too big for the holiday.
    This being said, I am looking to update my Nikkor lens because compared to the Tamron, I can now tell how the sharpness and vignetting can sometimes "kill" the shot.
    Question, what to upgrade for?
    I don't have an extensive knowledge of the market but I have identified some lenses like the Nikkor 70-300 full frame, the Tamron 100-400 full frame (a bit heavy for the holiday in my opinion), the Tamron 18-400 DX/cropped.
    Any opinion on these lens or others (Sigma maybe?)?

    Thank you in advance for your advice