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Codes of small airports are not added

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  • Codes of small airports are not added

    Good afternoon!
    In the Far East of Russia, in particular in the Primorye, after 20 years of stagnation, regional aviation is reviving. The airports and landing areas are being reconstructed was carried. Some ICAO of them were added through the form of adding a new airport for publication of photos from these places, but some even after two requests remain unfulfilled without any explanation. Nevertheless, landing sites exist and airplanes and helicopters fly there. This is civilian passenger aviation, this is the real transportation of people.

    Can you please tell me if there are any other ways to draw attention to the need to add new ICAO codes for smaller airports, except for the form (
    Or small landing areas will not be added?

    Thank you in advance.
    Below is information from the owner of these airfields with a link to the source, but the source is in Russian.

    Missing in the directory on the site:
    Agzu - UHTZ
    Amgu - UHTG
    Vostok - UHTW - two unanswered requests
    Edinka - UHWE
    Maksimovka - UHTM
    Plastun - UHWP
    Preobrazhenie - UHTR
    Samarga - UHTS
    Svetlaya - UHTQ
    Ust-Sobolevka - UHTU

    already added:
    Kavalerovo - UHWK
    Dalnegorsk - UHWD
    Dalnerechensk - UHHD
    Ternei - UHWT

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    They are added.
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      Thank you so much!