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Absolutely fabulous weather lately here in Finland...

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  • Absolutely fabulous weather lately here in Finland...

    The weather for the past three weeks has been like this. And it's not getting better anytime soon. Only darker.

    Taken at noon. You can see the treeline at the bottom of the frame. I really envy some of you guys for the weather. -Pepe-

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    Pepe, I do KNOW. Finnish autumns can be...shall we say "annoyance".

    Ever thought doing some nightphotography? Some water on the ground and overcast aren't problems

    I took this last was OVC002 and light rain at Oulu and it didn't ruin the shot...quite the opposite...I like wet asphalt because its reflect all the light quite nicely.
    (shameless plug )


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      I'd need ramp access, a photographers permit plus a permit to upload pictures taken on someone's property, so I'm skipping it for now. It's easier to ask the pilots if they mind being photographed. Most of them don't. Nice photo. -Pepe-