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i don't understand this rejection

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  • i don't understand this rejection

    I had this rejected for Bad Info and Invalid Hot. First of all I DID NOT select Hot photo.

    After doing a registration search I ammended the Information and re-uploaded only for it to recieve the exact same rejection.
    Again I DID NOT select Hot photo. Would it be so difficult for the screener to leave a small comment explaining the Exact reason
    for the rejection??? Otherwise how is anyone expected to put things right? My mind reading abillities are not what they used to be.

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    The screeners left you a message twice what is wrong with the info. You could try to read that before appealing and posting this.

    Anyway. She is EK-32008 so with a dash.
    And the airline is Ellinair (Atlantis European Airways).
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      Well actually the message was attached to email which arrived several hours later. Also in the 2ND upload I corrected the info to include the Atlantis European. And can you show me where in that registration on the side of the aircraft is the dash -
      American registrations don't have the dash on the plane so they're not part of it. Why is this different?


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        It is not an American aircraft so.
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          Originally posted by glidescopeAviation View Post
          First of all I DID NOT select Hot photo.
          Just to clarify that for you, that will happen always when you upload a photo as new registration. You normally don't need to do anything as new photos of new registrations in the system are always getting screened nearly immediately. This is AFAIK to get always the most recent photo on FR24.

          Often users also made a mistake and mixed the "comment to screener" with the "new photo" field. Or you entered something but forgot to delete a "space" or whatever. That already can be enough to be counted as Hot photo.
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