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  • Similar photo rejection

    Hello team

    1. Please explain to me one thing how these two shots are similar?
    Do you really don't see the difference (angle, flares, cropping etc ?)
    Last edited by Alex - Spot-This !; 2018-09-18, 17:40.

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    You got a complete reply with your appeal - I would have rather uploaded the flare shot but yes, same side and angle is too similar to accept both shots. As stated on upload guideline only one shot per sequence is allowed, but on an airshow demo we can be a bit more tolerant but shots need to be at least from 2 different side of the aircraft



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      Hi there. I'm not a screener but speaking from a similar experience I've had with a few similar photo rejections, I'd have to say that the rejection here is justified as the two photos do show the same aircraft in a similar sequence of flight with not a big difference in the angle of the aircraft from your viewpoint. Another photo of the aircraft going in the opposite direction would be more acceptable as that would be much different to the one you uploaded before.


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        Hello all,

        I'm not a Screener, also I don't know the colleague personally, but I think that in this case it was possible to act ex gratia, because the second shot is particularly interesting, and the angle of the aircraft is fundamentally different.

        Just my 2 cents and recommendation to the crew.

        Best regards.


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          wow, IMHO two completely different shots and nothing close to being the same or similar angle
          1 is a tight crop with great aircraft and pilot detail and the other one is just a great shot that that compliments the first one.


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            This is exactly what I'm writing about; the only similarity on this two-shot is the site of the shooting and reg.
            The reason of rejection is totally not understood by me and I do not agree with this opinion, but of course, I understand that the site has its own rules and in each picture, you can find similarity and many reasons to reject etc.

            Alex, please explain to me, how can you reject the "similar" first photo in the queue without screening the second one?
            Should the first be accepted and the second should be rejected for similarity?


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              Our guideline is very clear and we accept only one pic per sequence. That's the easy way to go compared with what we had before where we would need to compare the angles and degrees and all and would, after all, include a ton of subjectivity in the process (which was what was happening with the old rules)

              Today we have a very simple rule, still you wouldn't imagine how many people don't give a s*** about the guideline and upload 2 similar shots (not saying it's your case here) just for the numbers and nothing else. That only makes the queue longer and adds workload to the volunteer crew . That's also unfair for the ones who respect the guideline and are selective with what they upload. When 2 similar shots of the same sequence are uploaded, it's not up to the crew to decide which one should be accepted and which one should be rejected for similar. If we would do like that people would just keep uploading similars. That's what we have seen over the years and that's why we need to be strict so we reject the 1st one with a message "similar in queue" and then when we screen the 2nd one normally. That's the only way to get people to get the message not to upload similars. note that if people keep uploading similars then we just reject both.
              It's all about being selective. I went to about 10 airshows this year, got a new camera and lens and got some incredible shots during demos. Still, for JP, I only select 2 shots by demo (usually just 1) and avoid any similar uploads by avoiding uploading 2 shots of the same demo/same side. The rest of the shots could still be shared on many other places if I feel the need to. From a personal website to FB, FB page/group/ Flickr.... so many options are available. At the end, being selective only benefits JP, the crew workload and makes your portfolio better.

              hope it's a bit more clear