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The world is coming to an end...I got a photo request!

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  • The world is coming to an end...I got a photo request!


    I'm in shock...I never expected this to happen...

    I opened my mailbox to find this email:
    Re: Photo

    Dear Sir,

    For a future article we are looking for pictures of Algerian AF aircraft. On we saw your pictures and we we wondering if it was possible to use one of them for our Magazine and website?

    Arnold ten Pas
    Africa editor - Scramble Magazine
    [email protected]
    This magazine appears legitmate (can anyone confirm this from a personal standpoint), and I sent the following reply:
    Dear Arnold,

    It would be my pleasure to allow you to use the photo, however I do have just a few simple terms...

    1. Since this photo is for a commercial purpose I will have to charge a small fee for this-$25 US dollars

    2. Of course the photo will have to be credited to me

    3. I'd like to have a print copy or two of the magazine in which its published...being in America its very hard to get a Dutch magazine!

    Please let me know how this sounds...if it is good to you I will be more than happy to send you my contact info

    Best Regards,
    Greg Rosenthal
    So...with this being my first request, how did I handle it??? $25 seems reasonable to me I think....

    Im still awaiting a reply, will keep you guys posted

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    Congrats man, hope you hear from them. Good luck.


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      Congrats. Scramble is totally legit, and is probably the best known source for info on aircraft (in Europe at least). I've had contact with them before regarding the use of one of my Concorde pics - hasn't amounted to anything yet though.


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        Scramble is a for-enthusiasts, by-enthusiasts magazine which is run on a non-profit basis - its certainly NOT a commercial news stand magazine, and it features no color except the covers. I doubt whether they'll pay for usage, though they always credit - give it to them anyway, they're a good cause.

        More information at:



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          Thanks for the info Skymonster...I was checking out their website and wasn't quite sure what to make of you think they would at least send me a copy or two since AFAIK this isn't available here in the US??

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            And I got my first ever sale via Jetphotos a few days ago too, on the bad side I've just heard that Royal Thai have used an image which looks like mine in some of their brochures-they didn't bother asking, but it's coincidental that I will be travelling to Thailand in a few days so I may get the chance to kick some ass if it really is my pic

            If there are any members in Bangkok I would love to hear from you

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              Scramble is on newsstand sales, but extremely limited (I know of only 2 stores that have it and they're specialty stores).

              Congrats on the offer.

              I'm currently involved in getting several shots published in the first edition of a new aviation mag that's to launch soon. 3-4 shots for a single large article on the 747-200.


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                I've sent another email to them saying that I will give it to them for free if they are still interested, and still asking if its possible for me to get a copy or response as of yet...

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