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Using Telescope for Cruising Altitude Images

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  • Using Telescope for Cruising Altitude Images

    The reason I joined this forum has to do with a blog I wrote for my company about plane spotters using big astronomical telescopes equipped with Powermate image amplifiers and DSLR cameras. They basically end up with a ultra-telephoto lens system of 2,000-mm to 2,4000-mm at f/10. With the wonders of modern digital ISO they can shoot at 1/1000s while pushing the scopes around the sky.

    The only spotters I can find using this setup are in Poland. I couldn’t find any English language spotting forum discussing this technique. (I did find one forum where someone said astronomical scopes are not used for imaging planes). So, if you care, you can read the post here through this shortened link:

    Let me know if this type of photography is "news" to the wider spotter community. It's got me interested in trying it myself!

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    I knew a few guys in Poland that used Synta 10" Skywatcher telescopes for RNAV photography. I think the reason for it not being so popular in UK is the weather. I was considering using the setup myself but it requires being in the right place for the traffic and clear skies. I'd love to give it a go though


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      I suspect it is a small group because they mostly use that brand of scopes and setup as described in the blog. I think there would be more variation in equipment if the technique was more wide-spread.

      You can see three scopes setup in a row in this image:

      The scope on the right has decals (like race cars) to show the equipment and websites affiliation. In my research, I've seen other telescope spotters do the same.

      They do take amazing images!