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  • Plane Spotting at Incheon

    Hey everybody,
    I will be going for a day of plane spotting at Incheon on Friday and I would like to get some information on plane spotting there.
    I would greatly appreciate any information on good locations, security situation, equipment needed, ways of getting around and anything that is relevant... links are welcome as is any personal experience. Please reply to this post or send me an email to [email protected]
    Maybe someone even is interested in joining me for a day of spotting at ICN when I get there on 26 October.
    Thank you very much in advance for all your help... I look forward to hearing from you all...

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    Hey there,
    I visited ICN a for a few days this past summer and it was pretty good. Incheon is best on north flow, but can work for both. I was only there during north flow days. For 33R arrivals in the morning you can go to this bike path by the approach. Just get off at the AREX Cargo Terminal station and its a short walk down the road. For afternoon 33R arrivals you can go to this grassy area on the other side of the approach. Take the free shuttle bus from the Cargo Terminal and you need to ask the driver to stop (I don't remember what its called).A 70-300 is sufficient for both these locations. For 34 action in the afternoon, you can go to the observation deck on the west side of the field. You have to take a bus. I don't know what stop or which bus because I had a local showing me around, but the information isn't too hard to find. A longer lens is better for this spot. For 33L departures in the afternoon, the pier on the end of Incheon Terminal 2. This was my favorite location as it had some shade and the terminal was right there. You can see aircraft rotating and some 748/A380 gate action in front of you. Hope this helps!


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      Some two years ago I spent quite few hours at place called "aviation park". It is near spot #2 at the guide published at . I can recall it was within ca. 30 mins walking distance from my BW Premium hotel in Incheon. Light for taking landing pics at rwy 33R was good in the afternoon. I used 210 mm for A320 and 135 mm for B744.

      Rgds TK