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11H of priority screening and lost of "first reg"

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    Originally posted by wamozart View Post
    You, read, YOU, delayed this PRIORITY for 18H and someone stole it.
    You're making this sound as if you're entitled to a badge. You really aren't. And with that attitude of yours I doubt you're gonna get it.

    A screener was unsure about your photo - so he sent it to the senior screener, who was probably in another timezone and only available 10 hours later. It happens. Get over it. The other photographer probably rushed to the airport just like you, except his photo didn't make the screener unsure, so they accepted it right away. What's the big deal? Giving the badge to you now would be unfair to the other photographer.


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      Federico, Iím not gonna bother with you anymore. You make yourself sound like a child. Your photo went through the screening process, we didnít steal anything at all. Period, end of it.
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