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  • Your favorite place to spot

    BOM/ Mumbai.

    Never spot around it, but I have a wonder.

    My aunt lives on a high rise that overlooks the airport. Of course, the definition of High Rise is different in India, but all the same. The Indian government can't tell you to stop taking pictures of planes from your balcolny And if they do, I'll tell them that I was merely taking a picture of the train on the railroad tracks next to her house. The way her balcony faces, you can get a shot of an AI 747-400 in the air with BOM in the background and the Rajdhani Express (train) in the foreground. Behind the tracks, there's a major road. If you're really creative, you could set a small boat on the gutter next to the railway tracks, to get a bus, plane, boat, and train in the same shot, and all would be moving.

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    flughafen frankfurt.

    lots of traffic, 747 heaven nonstop for 20 hours per day, you cant ask for more than that.

    next trips
    USA/DXB August.


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      London Heathrow EGLL/LHR, some nice variation with 744's A340's, A330's and 777's. Can be sometimes very unpredictable with traffic, i.e one day SU will use their A310, but another maybe an IL-86. Universal L1011 and many many more unpredictable visitors. And of course all those VIP flights from the UAE with the 747SP, 737-800/W.

      The only downside is the amount of A319's and A320's that visit LHR, just stupid, you can get a whole hour of 319/320 arrivals unfortunately! But you do also get a large period of time with loads of heavies, especially in the morning!
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        Jason ... I hear you mate, i also agree that LHR can be a little tedious with all the BA 319/320's and BMI 320/321's but all in all it's a good day out and as you say there's the added advantage of something 'special' turning up
        I would however have to be impartial and say Cardiff is my favourite place to spot


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          Either Qantas or Virgin Blue terminal at Kingsford Smith International. Nice place to get close up shots at the gate and also some excellent spots scattered around for nice shots of them coming and going .


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            From my whose (I didn't take a pix before, and want to buy DigiCam)

            Planes don't stop flying over my house 24 hours aday.

            At 2100 F.t.
            15 Nov is my Birth day! I want A340? pls dad pls mom LOL


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              KLAX, SXM, TLS, MAN, CDG.

              LAX I love for all the different spots it offers, SXM is well...self explanatory.



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                For the conditions of "working" offered to the photographer about the ones I know.
                - hard to choose between PEK, CDG, HND, NRT, NGO, ZRH, YYC, YVR, AEP and BFI.
                - hope conditions have remained the same with LHR, SEA, PHX, SAN, LAX and LAS.
                This one have turned from good to scarely pieces of cr*p : NICE.
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