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  • Add a new aircraft to JetPhotos

    Hi everyone
    I am trying to insert a new aircraft and following the guidelines I proceed as follows:
    Aircraft Manufacturer: Fly Synthesis
    Aircraft Type: Fly Synthesis Storch
    Aircraft Model: Fly Synthesis Storch HS
    But this is rejected and there is in the e-mail:
    Builder: Fly Synthesis
    Type: Fly Synthesis Storch
    where am I wrong?
    Excuse my bad English

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    Fly Synthesis is a manufacturer of ultralight aircraft, which is a specific category in our aircraft manufacturer menu.
    Try to proceed the following info:
    Aircraft Manifacturer: Ultralight Aircraft
    Aircraft: Fly Synthesis Storch
    Model: Fly Synthesis Storch HS


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      thank you


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        All Ultralight Aircraft manufacturers are listed under the manufacturer Ultralight Aircraft on our upload page (see picture) :
        Click image for larger version

Name:	AB0F677B-05FF-47CA-B0D1-3B0DC17B9ADC.jpeg
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Size:	52.8 KB
ID:	1033700

        When you want to add a new manufacturer of Ultralight Aircraft (like Fly Synthesis) it will be listed under the manufacturer Ultralight Aircraft. That is why you need to fill in Ultralight Aircraft as Aircraft manufacturer.


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          Some light or RPL aircraft, like here in Australia are registed under the 24-...... register instead of the VH-... register that normal aircraft are under. So if in that case, I leave out the serial number because there isnt one, just keep the registration.

          (incase anyone needed to know that)