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  • Spotting at New Dehli?


    In July I will be making my way back from Europe via Dehli, at the time of booking the travel agent didn't inform us that we would have to go through customs to re-check our bags . Anyway, now we have a long wait of about 12 hours between the flights. I thought this might be a good opportunity to do some photography at the airport, however I am not sure if it is a good idea or not. Some threads on the internet say that it is forbidden to take photos while others say it is fine. It appears as though there are not many photos from the airport on the database. Has anyone had any experience in Dehli and can provide some insights and give some potential locations?


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    Hi Man747.
    Regarding my personnal experience back in 2016, not so much time ago, i was waiting for my flight between DEL and Varanasi, Air India flight, and me and my friend, both european spotters, took a ton of pics from the main building(through the giant glass windows at the boarding pier/room) without any issue at all, regarding any autorithies or any airport staff.
    A few days later also on a transit flight between Jaipur to Goa via Mumbai, and at Mumbai when waiting for our connection Jet Airways towards Goa, we spent a lot of time and pics at Mumbai boarding room throughout the big windows, again without any issues at all.
    Have a nice trip